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The personal injury lawyers in Mobile Alabama and Montgomery Alabama understand personal injury and the devastating effects an injury can have on our clients, their families, and their professional lives. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury, you will want to speak with our Montgomery & Mobile personal injury lawyers who can help you to recover all that you have lost.

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For over fifteen years, the attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt have vigorously pursued their clients’ personal injury claims. Farris, Riley & Pitt lawyers use their legal expertise, knowledge of the local Alabama legal system, and topnotch trial and negotiating skills along with their passion for helping clients to win the best possible outcomes.

When you’ve been in an accident, you’ll need people you can trust to handle your case with care, speed, and kindness. You need to concentrate on healing and returning to the lifestyle you are used to.  We need to fight to assert your rights.

Let the attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt help you reach your goals. We will work hard to recover the money you deserve are owed so that you can feel whole again.

What is a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Personal injury is a legal term for an injury inflicted upon the body, mind, or emotional well-being of a person. In Mobile and Montgomery personal injury lawsuits include an injury caused by another person’s carelessness or negligence. The most common types of personal injuries in Alabama are caused by automobile accidents, slip and falls, defective products, home or workplace accidents, or assault.

People who are victims of personal injury are often eligible for compensation in the form of monetary damages collected from the party that injured them. Here in Mobile and Montgomery Alabama, personal in jury lawsuit damages can be awarded after a full-blown trial has occurred or as a result of a pre-trial settlement.

Claims to Recover for Personal Injuries in Mobile & Montgomery

When a person has been injured in an accident due to another person’s careless or negligent behavior, chances are a claim for monetary damages under the law has arisen. You should seek legal counsel in Montgomery or Mobile as soon as possible after the injury has occurred to avoid having your claim barred due to the statute of limitations.

There are many different types of monetary damages that you can collect if you are the victim of a personal injury. The law governing personal injury breaks these damages down into two main categories—general and special damages. General damages are the types of damages that are easy to quantify. For example, general damages can include compensation for medical bills, lost wages and property damages.

Injured people can also receive damages that are harder to calculate, such as damages for pain and suffering as a result of the injury, emotional distress, or loss of consortium.These types of damages are called special damages. The amount of damages awarded varies, depending on the particular facts of the case and the severity of the injuries.

In some cases, a judge might award “punitive” damages. These damages are intended to punish the person who caused the injury if the behavior is considered to be egregious or extremely careless.

Statute of Limitations in Alabama for Personal Injury Claims

The statute of limitations is an Alabama law (all states have them, but the time periods vary) that specify how much time an injured person has to file a claim or lawsuit. If a person waits too long, the statute of limitations will have run out, and the claim will be barred. That means you may lose your chance to file a lawsuit and recover damages for your injuries. Act quickly if you are injured to avoid the chance of this happening to you.

The attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt understand the devastating aftermath of personal injury. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, at the workplace, in a slip and fall or by some other means. Your main objective is to recover as quickly as possible and return to the life you knew before the accident. Recovery often requires money needed for medical bills, physical therapy and missed work. If your loved one is killed in an accident, there’s nothing that can be done to bring that person back. But lost wages and funeral expenses accumulate pile up. You will need a top-notch attorney who will pursue your claims for monetary damages with vigor and respect. Farris, Riley & Pitt has a long and proud history of obtaining the best possible outcomes for its clients. Over the years, the attorneys at Farris, Riley & Pitt have obtained multiple jury verdicts and engaged in many successful settlement negotiations for amounts in excess of one million dollars each.

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